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About Numerology

Numerology is a science. But it is not a new science because our ancient forefathers knew it and used it in everyday life to advance their prosperity and to counteract any evils on the way.Numerology does not merely predict events.It also protects from undesirable events that cast their shadows before.Nowadays, more and more men and woman are taking to numerology for solution to their problems.
Numerology is an occult science that helps to predict a pesons character,future events,luck,auspicious and inauspicious times and many more by working on the name and date of birth of a person.
Of all occult sciences ,those claiming to predict the future events of a persons life ,have always held an esteemed place in public mind.Futurologists or soothsayers have very often misused this public sentiment and many cases of cheating by dishonest astrologers ,palmists and numerologists are on records.But this has not lessened the importance of these subjects as such in any way.
One or two cases of cheating by fake astrologers cannot mean that these ancient sciences are worthless.
Astrology involves so much calculations and arithmetic.Palmistry has to be supported by astrology or numerology for making it exact.Numerology on the other hand is a very simple and exact system for making predictions.No cumbersome table of planet positions are needed.Complicate arithmetic calculations are not involved.An expert numerologists can tell the exact time and date of future events and suggest beneficent time and date for carrying out special businesses.
He can suggest remedial measures in difficult situation by pointing out which stones to wear.
Numerology is easily one of the best achievements of mankind.By this instrument one can have a glimpse of his past and future and can become forewarned.He can thus make himself happy and successful.