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What to do when your birth number and name number are different?

Here YOU are having two influences on your body.If you reduce them to same digit both name number and birth number to same value,then you acquire added strength.But how to make birth number and name number the same?
Anyhow you cannot change your birth number because it is fixed.But YOU CAN always change the spelling of your name to get the same number for both of them.

Take the case of :

 Name : Harminder  M

 = 1+5+7+1+9+5+7
 = 35  =3+5=8

Name Number calculated as :

 H A R M I N D E R  M

 = 8+1+9+4+9+5+4+5+9+4

 = 58 = 5+8 =13= 1+3 = 4

So his destiny number is 4

Now you will have to think how to raise the value of name from 4 to 8.

The destiny number is unchangeable.

To change the value of the name needs some thinking,because it is not too easy.You can seek the help of an expert numerologist.

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