Numerology Lucky Stones

How ro identify lucky stones in numerology

Lucky Stones 

Numerology is your friend and companion when you are friendless and companionless.Numerology guides you to land of happiness.Numerology sustains you in adversity.Numerology is your ornament among friends and armour against the enemies.Numerology can open the windows and let air of free heaven into your room.

Stones emit vibrations, be it diamond,topaz or perl.A lucky stone can increase the psychic powers of an individual by their curative powers. Astral gems also have the power to ward off the ill-effects of planets and worn in the form of birth stone.

A numerologist can suggest remedial measures in difficult situation by pointing out which stones to wear.The lucky stone should be set in the right metal and with the right weight. It should be worn on the correct finger of the working hand.Each gem, with its constant source of specific rays, gives rise to constructive vibrations that have healing powers. Hence wearing your appropriate birth stone will always give you luck and prosperity.

Lucky stones corresponding to birth numbers:

Birth Number and corresponding Lucky Stones

1:Topaz,amber,yellow diamond.

2:Jewels and stones, moonstones,Jade.





7:Pearls, moonstones

8:Amethyst, dark toned sapphire.


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