Numerology Month Numbers

How ro calculate month number in numerology

Calculating month number in numerology 

 Months are reduced into the formula of nine in following manner.

Month and the corresponding numbers.

January      :1

February    :2

March        :3

April           :4

May           :5

June          :6

July           :7

August      :8


October    :10 =1+0=1


December: 12=1+2=3

Month numbers have got specialities of its own.
See above list to find the month number corresponding to your birth date.

Month numbers and corresponding traits:

Month Number 1: Shows a strong , driving and determined, strong willed nature that must be centered on a positive goal.

Month Number 2: Shows that the person is kind and tactful, yet given to brooding and gloomy nature.

Month Number 3: These people are so free from worry that they fail to take their nature seriously.So they fail by not making any attempt.

Month Number 4: It stands for steady plodding nature which favours caution rather than risk.

Month Number 5: It represents an enthusiatic, adventurous nature with a flare for the unusual.

Month Number 6 :These people are usually honest sincere and true.Their danger is self satisfactiom with work.

Month Number 7 :Solitude inspires these people.

Month Number 8: These people mean business.

Month Number 9 : These people are skilled in art and music.

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